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Best of Data Science Weekly - Issue #1


Best of Data Science Weekly

February 9 · Issue #1 · View online

A weekly digest of all the best Data Science related news and blog posts.

Welcome to the first edition of the best of data science weekly.
In each issue I’ll be curating a list of all the best data science related news and blog posts for the week. There will be a large focus on Microsoft technologies and any other content I find interesting.😎
I’d like to thank Jerrie Pelser of ASP.NET Weekly for his sage advise and words of encouragement.💪
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Enjoy this weeks installment.
Luis de Sousa

Featured Blog Posts
Care and Feeding of Predictive Maintenance Solutions
Hearing AI: Getting Started with Deep Learning for Audio on Azure | Machine Learning Blog
DataExplorer: Fast Data Exploration With Minimum Code
Project-oriented workflow - Tidyverse
Making R Code Faster : A Case Study - Hooked on Data
Field Guide to the R Ecosystem
A gallery of visualisations derived from Strava running data –
Online Bookcamps
LearnAI-Bootcamp/ at master · Azure/LearnAI-Bootcamp · GitHub
LearnAI-Bootcamp/ at master · Azure/LearnAI-Bootcamp · GitHub
Interesting Videos
Custom Vision – Machine Learning Made Easy
Reinforcement Learning With Noise (OpenAI)
Google DeepMind Control Suite
Deep learning for music generation
Machine Learning with Azure Notebooks
Data Science Virtual Machine
Getting Linked In to Data Science with Dr. Igor Perisic
Totally Random
The Michelangelo of Microsoft Excel
Seven Databases in Seven Weeks: A Guide to Modern Databases and the NoSQL Movement
That’s all for the first issue.
Please feel free to reply to this email with any comments and suggestions to help improve this newsletter.
Until next week.
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